June 16, 2024 3 min read

Print branding can seem intimidating for restaurant owners, especially with the perceived risks and costs involved. However, after collaborating with hundreds of restaurant businesses nationwide, we have gathered valuable insights and tips to help streamline the process and make it more manageable. By leveraging our experience working with a diverse range of establishments, we aim to provide practical advice that can aid in creating effective and impactful print branding strategies for your business.

1. Merch

Merchandise is a great way to increase revenue while also driving awareness for your brand. Like most other print items, we like to make note that merch is a great way to send a message about your business beyond just a transfer of information. Have a coastal coffee business? Consider a premium tote bag with screen printing on 1 or both sides so that your customers can use it for grocery shopping and other errands around town that will help drive awareness in your neighborhood. Have a BBQ business in the Midwest? Try a pigment dyed unstructured, pigment dyed, vintage style hat embroidered with your logoto give a rustic yet premium feel that your customers will love to wear. Also, merch will last much, much longer than most other print media which will provide impressions for years in the future. 

2. Packaging

Branded packaging provides impressions both in person, as well as digitally through social media. In fact, according to Ingenia, 40% of people in 2021 shared their food on social media and with branded packaging, your customers can help share your brand for you! High quality branded packaging inspires confidence in your brand and also sets the stage for a perfect social media photo, solidifying the post purchase consumer decision which ensures a repeat customer. Don't have the cash for custom printed packaging? Not a problem with our #1 seller, roll labels. Turn any boring blank packaging into fun and high quality branded packaging for as little as 2 cents per label. 

3. Postcards and business cards

Postcards are the most versatile print product that we offer! We love technology too, but sometimes an oldschool approach can aid your modern digital marketing efforts. Like what we said with merch, we know that print branding says more about your brand than just a simple transfer of information. The quality of paper, print method, finishing, and design all say something about your brand beyond just the text written on the card. There are a lot of variables specific to each business, but some universal truths would be: 

a. use a thick paper stock, at least 16pt is the standard for the 2020's.

b. Use a high quality image, not just the content, but the file size too so that your design prints crisply and not pixelated which can actually do more harm than good for attracting prospective customers (We check every file before we print to ensure a high quality print).

c. Choose finishing work that fits your brand and can help solidify your message/theme. Some examples of this would be adding letterpress work such as embossing or foil stamping to add a touch of class for your fine dining establishment. Use uncoated natural or kraft paper  for your healthy food restaurant to help show your organic theme. 

Bonus: Coasters

Coasters are not only a practical way to protect your investments in bar tops and table tops, but they also serve as a unique and memorable keepsake for your customers. Every time they use your branded coaster, they are reminded of their positive experience at your restaurant. It's a subtle, yet effective way to keep your brand top of mind and encourage repeat business. Plus, coasters can add a touch of personality and style to your establishment, making them a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your overall branding strategy. So, don't underestimate the power of these small but impactful marketing tools in leaving a lasting impression on your customers.


According to marketing expert Pam Moore, it takes 5-7 impressions for a potential customer to remember your brand. Social media and digital marketing are awesome tools, and when partnered with print marketing, you can make your marketing efforts unstoppable!

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