August 22, 2021 4 min read

Roll Labels For Your Business

Businesses large and small benefit from using custom printed roll labels. Whether being used for branding and marketing or organization and information, labels and stickers are a game-changer. Custom printed roll labels and stickers from TM Impressions can help you run your business more efficiently and make sure that you stand out from the crowd. TM Impressions offers custom labels that are water-resistant, freezer safe, microwave safe, scratch resistant, tear-proof, and are printed with rich, vibrant ink colors.

Custom printed roll labels and stickers are probably the most versatile, low-cost, low-tech marketing tool you can use to promote your business. Custom roll labels are stickers on a continuously rolled liner with custom printed logos or information. One roll of labels could have thousands of stickers on it. Labels and stickers on a roll can be easily accessed and stored. Because they rolled they can be easily used on rounded surfaces, such as bottles and jars.

In a time when almost everyone uses social media, stickers provide personal interaction with customers that you may not be able to get from behind a screen. Word of mouth is still a very powerful marketing tool and custom stickers can promote your business name and message. They are a cool giveaway that is typically viewed as a gift and not as a piece of marketing.

With more and more people selling handcrafted goods on sites like and eCommerce platforms like Shopify, branding your business with labels and stickers can help you stand out from your competition. Whether you sell apparel, health and beauty supplies, or any other handcrafted items, custom labels from TM Impressions can help give your goods an edge over other sellers before you sell them and after your customer receives their order. While some of your competitors may ship their products in a bland, empty box without any branding, custom printed labels give your goods a professional presentation, which will make a good first impression on your customer.

Stickers and labels are not only showcased for your name and/or logo. They are also an opportunity to provide important information. If you’re making handcrafted beauty and health goods, the label should include key information such as the name of the product, how much it weighs, and the ingredients that are used. A custom printed label can also help you formulate a connection with a buyer. Depending on how you design your label, you can personalize each package. A space where you can write the buyer’s name or a message specific to the buyer can mesh personalization with professionalism. These are details that your customers will not forget, which can help to keep them coming back in the future.

If you have a brick-and-mortar storefront for your business, you should put stickers on windows or other places where customers will see them and want to know more. If you are having a sale, a special event, or even offer service to non-English speakers; that’s viable information your customers should know before they open your door. You might consider having a stack of stickers out for people to pick up as another option to promote your business. Another great idea is to try co-marketing with a different business. Ask a local coffee shop or brewery if you can leave some of your stickers for patrons to pick up. You can also use custom stickers on price tags. Stickers can display bar codes and marked-down items.

Prior to COVID-19 many business owners would have a booth at crowded events like fairs and festivals where their customers might be and pass out custom stickers. Some even walked through the crowd and introduce themselves and their business and give prospective customers a sticker to remember them by. One could even put custom printed labels on water bottles and sell them.

Fans of your brand will happily put your custom stickers on cell phone cases, tablets and laptops. It never hurts to have your brand in various locations. Bumper stickers and car decals are a great way to promote your business to hundreds, if not thousands of people every day. You never know how many people will see them.

With COVID-19 changing the way many do business, labels and stickers have become essential to communicating various safety measures, like floor decals marking social distancing areas and stickers reminding customers to wear a mask. Stickers are often used to display QR Codes for touchless ordering in restaurants and instant access to a business’s website or social media page.

Whether selling online or in a traditional brick-and-mortar, repeat patronage is the backbone of the business. Including details like your phone number and social media pages increases the likelihood you’ll have a return customer.

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A custom printed label is a blank canvas for important and pertinent information. A custom label is an easy way for you to share vital business information with every customer in a very attractive and professional manner. Custom stickers should include your company’s name or logo, maybe a tagline, and certainly your contact info, like your website or phone number. For example, the following details could prove useful to your customers:

• Name of the business

• Logo

• Website

• Phone number

• Email

• Social media pages

• A Compelling Message

• COVID-19 restrictions

Having a good brand is major. As you grow, you want customers to know you by your business’s name. Your brand gives your company identity, something that will tell your story and help customers clearly remember you going forward. Consistent and uniform labeling promotes your brand imaging so that it becomes easily recognizable.

Labels and stickers allow you to market and brand your business, as well as communicate information to your customers quickly and effectively. TM Impressions is ready to help you amp up your label game. Use our online designer tool to create new labels or upload your current artwork to purchase your stickers. For bulk orders with multiple artwork versions and other shapes/sizes; contact us or email so that we can help. Add your branding to all of your awesome products for just pennies per label with custom roll labels from TM Impressions and have peace of mind that your logo will always make a statement with custom roll labels. Buy with confidence. TM Impressions is used and trusted from coast to coast, and everywhere in between.