September 21, 2021 2 min read

How Branded Merch Can Increase Your Sales


Everyone loves wearing merch with their favorite band on it, right? Imagine how much your patrons would love to wear some custom apparel with your restaurant’s logo!


Any restaurant can benefit from carrying custom screen print or embroidery shirts, no matter how large or small you are. If you have patrons that love to support you by coming in for a delicious meal or a cold drink, making merch sales will be a breeze – they’ll practically sell themselves.


Here are 5 ways your bar or restaurant can benefit from custom apparel:


  1. Opportunities for extra revenue

There are still some restaurants in our communities that are practicing social distancing and operating with limited seating. During these times, it’s important to look for ways to bring in some extra cash and replace the revenue you miss from having every seat filled. Custom t-shirts allow you to offer everyone a way to continue supporting you through thick and thin.


  1. Build brand awareness

Having people walking around town with t-shirts, hats, and bags with your restaurant’s name on it will give your business tons of exposure! The more your logo is seen, the more people will think about your restaurant. When you increase the awareness of your brand, people are more likely to stop in for a bite or buy more merch.


  1. Strengthen customer relationships

Even something as small as a free custom sticker can strike a chord in a customer. Before you know it, you could have a new regular on your hands! For those that already know and love your establishment dearly, they’ll really feel like a part of the family when they wear a shirt with your logo.


  1. Opportunities to upsell

When someone buys a gift card, you can be confident that they’re giving someone the gift of eating at their favorite restaurant. You can upsell every gift card by asking if they’d like to throw in a branded hat, shirt, or hoodie. It gives you a chance to earn some extra revenue and gives the gift card buyer the opportunity to make the gift they’re giving even more special.


  1. Worldwide advertising

If you’re located in a city like Los Angeles or New York, you probably have customers coming in from all over the world. If a visitor loves their experience dining in your establishment and wants to hold on to the memory forever (which they’re sure to!), they would probably love to take home some apparel as a souvenir. Now, you’ve got a walking ad in another city that tells their friends and family about the place they “must check out if they’re in town!”


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