November 04, 2021 2 min read

Should Your Restaurant Carry Customized Tote Bags?


In a time when cities throughout the country are discouraging the use of plastic bags, customized tote bags seem to be on the shoulders of nearly every customer these days. But canvas tote bags aren’t just for grocery shopping.


Businesses in the food and restaurant industry can benefit from carrying their own branded tote bags and selling them to their guests. Branded tote bags are one of the easiest items to sell because they are functional and versatile – no matter who you are, you can find a reason to carry around a tote!


Screen Print Tote Bags for Restaurants

Here are a few reasons to order screen print tote bags for restaurants:


  1. Affordability

Customized tote bags are one of the most inexpensive screen-printed items. Because they are so affordable, your restaurant has a great opportunity to create a large profit margin. These days, many restaurants are struggling to recover from the financial damage caused by COVID-19. There isn’t much cash left over to spend on extra labor, restaurant updates, or marketing efforts. Selling tote bags can help bring in some cash while simultaneously spreading your message around town, on the shoulders of your loyal guests.


  1. Sustainability

Think about how many plastic or paper bags your restaurant has used to bag up take-out orders this year. Even though paper bags are better for the environment, they still end up in the trash somewhere. You can offer a sustainable alternative by selling custom totes and encouraging guests to use them for take-out orders – you might even consider offering a small discount for guests who do!


  1. Durability

Canvas tote bags are designed to last for years of grocery store trips, carrying your belongings around town, vacations, road trips, and shopping. When a tote bag gets dirty, it can be thrown in with a load of laundry and come out looking fresh! The average person uses around 700 plastic bags per year and only about 1% of them are properly recycled. A single tote bag can save the environment from thousands of flimsy plastic bags per year.


  1. Popularity

Canvas tote bags are never going to go out of style. As people grow more environmentally conscious, they’re going to look for more ways to increase the sustainability of their habits. Plastic bags have already been recognized as a major environmental issue, but their cost and convenience make them difficult to phase out. Once your guests see that you’re offering a stylish alternative to plastic bags, they are sure to start lining up to get their hands on a few!


TM Impressions - Custom Tote Bags for Your Restaurant

TM Impressions has been servicing businesses in the food industry from LA to NYC since 1933. We know what it takes to create high-quality branded gear that customers love so much they give them as gifts!


Check out our options for custom screen-printed tote bags today. Let us know if you have any questions about the ordering or screen-printing process – we’re always here to help!